This site is a Christian non denominational original music site with commentary. This site also reflects the ministry that the Lord has inspired and directed  within me to start. “Spirit Revival Worship Ministry”.

This site is dedicated to: sharing new music and messages, that have been inspired within me to write, by the Holy Spirit, to be used used for the Glory of GOD  with people everywhere.  I believe that this Ministry along with many, many others will be used as part of the “last great revival” when the Incredible, Indescribable, Mighty, Miraculous movement of the Holy Spirit goes forth like never before, as a final preaching of God’s Word to all corners of the globe is reached, amen.



This site exists to share the very real – living truth – that is “CHRIST JESUS” .

This site exists, in order to REACH OUT to the people of God everywhere and help to inspire them, also to plant seeds as well as harvest lost souls for Christ Jesus everywhere, amen.

We firmly believe that as we are living in end times, Jesus’s return for His Church / His people, is fast approaching and we must be ready and our hearts must be ready.

This site will contain the ever evolving story of how GOD will take a willing heart, and allow them the privilege to reveal – “the greatest news that you’ll ever hear”.

This is also a place, where you can write in and share testimonials, and tell real life stories on how GOD has worked in and ultimately saved and changed – your life – forever.

This site will contain, updates on the world wide ministry and serve as a fountain of encouragement, that springs through JESUS CHRIST ~ our RISEN LORD GOD KING.

I will continue to write and share messages as well as the music, and how my life was saved and redirected, ultimately to help others connect with HIM.

I challenge you to ask JESUS into your heart deeper than ever before, and to reveal Himself to you more than ever before. A love relationship with the King of All Glory, allowing Him to live in your heart and move through you, is the most important thing you will ever do. 

Dear Lord Jesus, may each heart that visits this site, be filled with hope and be stirred with Your Eternal Living Truth. I pray everyone that visits and all those they love are drawn ever closer to You, through Your AMAZING GRACE, receive Your free everlasting gift of Salvationand be used to reach others for the Glory of YOUR NAME,  in JESUS” Holy Name I pray, amen!

I hope that you are blessed by visiting this site, and that you will visit again and again..



Martin  Loose is a  Christian Contemporary Songwriter, Worship Pastor and Evangelist. Marty has resided  in Gort, County Galway Ireland, and now resides in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


Happily married with four children and two Granddaughters.

SANY0348 (3)The four kids back together again - December 2015

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Baby Everly 2-2-2018