In the last week of July 2017, while spending time with God in prayer, He quite unexpectedly laid out before me my next musical project / musical ministry tools aimed at the hearts of all. I am only a willing participant that has been given these songs, this passion from the depths of my very soul to sing, share and celebrate in the Glory and everlasting Truth that is Jesus Christ. All Honor and Glory to our All Glorious King on High!

This new musical project contains a true taste and a fitting piece, that is just the beginning of a much larger endeavor. ” This Is Going To Shake” is a launching pad that will be used not only in Worship, but as part of the way God has chosen, to move this ministry forward. Miracles, signs and wonders are and have been promised. They are available through our Everlasting King over all creation, and He is never ever changing and has throughout history, freely bestowed these things to His people.

This music is only part of a much larger plan, that is called HEALING. GOD WANTS TO SET YOU FREE, and HE ALWAYS SHOWS UP, amen. HE Wants bondage broken, lives mended, families reunited, Children safe, secure and loved.  God desires our worship and is willing to change our hearts from stone to flesh. HE WILL live in us and guide us helping us to fulfill our destinies, becoming each and everything that He has created us to be.

Trying to navigate this lifetime alone and without God is no different than throwing away a one of a kind masterpiece work of art and trading it for a handful of ashes. There is freedom, forgiveness,  peace that surpasses all understanding, joy unspeakable, health, assurance in the enlightenment of the Truth of Jesus Christ and God’s Living Word, HE WANTS YOU TO HAVE THESE THINGS AND SO MUCH MORE, amen. This place called earth is  but a brief stop along each of our eternal destinies. Inviting Jesus into your heart, asking Him to forgive the old you and make you a new person that is living with HIS Light within, is available for all.. GOD LOVES US SO MUCH… HE WANTS US TO BE WITH HIM ALWAYS, not apart from Him..

That is some of what – “This Is Going To Shake” is really about and this is just the start.  “This Is Going To Shake” is moving onward through God’s Vision, Grace, Love and Mercy. 

We are going to be embarking on such an incredible adventure and journey, a life changing step by step movement. We serve such an AWESOME GOD and will be depending on His Sovereignty opening all doors, removing all obstacles from our pathway. Through His Leading and in His Power and Might, this mission, ministry and music fueled with Divine Passion from on High, is truly GOING TO SHAKE.

Now is the chosen time to reinvigorate the body of believers, that they too may arise and awaken, living and sharing Christ’s Living Truth more boldly than ever before.

“This is Going to shake”, a literal movement of The Holy Spirit reaching and rescuing lost souls and bringing them into God’s Everlasting Light, amen. “This Is Going To Shake” is about taking back what is rightfully ours as the living body of Christ here on earth, God’s Church that exists inside of each and every believer. Walls are not what encompasses a church, but each of us was created to embody His Church and  not restricted by placement. Christ has called us to live and share Him freely, wherever we are and wherever we go.

We are in last days, and fast approaching the time of the last great revival before the rapture of the church. God’s Holy Spirit WILL be poured out in such great measure, so that many, many, many more new hearts will be rescued from darkness, and securely made new, held safe and in the Love that is Christ Jesus, amen.

The Living Truth and Love that is Christ Jesus,  WILL be driving this movement and dear friends, 


Much more to follow shortly.