WELCOME to a place where you may share your story, or perhaps just some encouraging words. May we always embrace the VERY REAL way that our EVER PRESENT LORD GOD KING is ALWAYS at work in our lives, and is ALWAYS willing to make HIMSELF MORE REAL to us, each and every day.



Praise the name of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your good wonderful email please know that our heart is blessed and touched.
We thank God to brought us to your path.
I would like to share about how the Lord moved in our heart to start children home and the school.
I also have five children and five orphans staying with me.
Thank you again my friend to ask me to send additional information about our ministry in Kenya and East Africa.
I do not have any other financial support coming in to help and meet with immediate needs for the orphan/school, and that is why I shared with you about the immediate needs that we face now and to help and pray for us.
As I shared with you before that ,God put the burden for children/orphans in to our heart and when it came in the year 2006 God confirmed it to us one day in the morning when I and my wife were coming from the morning prayer, we were going to door to door evangelism when we found one month baby who both parents died due to HIV/AIDS, nobody was ready to Take care of the baby but God spoke in to our heart to take the baby to be part of our family and took the baby and we reported that matter to police and again to the Hospital for check up of her health and baby was very healthy and then we were permitted to have the baby to be part of our family member. From there we believed that God had a purpose for us to have the program for the orphan children and home care.
And let me brief you how I started running this work after God confirmed it to us and because these orphans now started to follow and coming to us in a way that we could not managed to stop them from us. because God put this burden in to our heart and we did not have funds that can support this work, to care orphans/school, I had piece of Land that my dad left me with before he died, I sold it so that I could have something to start with running this work and the little money I got, could only rent the building for orphans /school for three months and to buy some food for some period of time and I did not know where funds will come from after this period is now over, three months’ rent over, money to buy food became problem, we could manage to provide them with porridge and hope you have it in the pictures I sent to you early. we have been trusting God for provisions it has been difficult to bless even our volunteer teachers, I believe it was God leading to direct me to your path to partner and if possible to help find people with same burden who can as well partner with us financially to be able to assist these fatherless. James 1:27.
Your prayer and support for this work has been very useful and God will reward you. I thank God for that heart, burden and love that He put in you and you really showed us true love of Christ.
I am so much happy and would love you to share my story with Church and one voice team/ministry there and those that are touched and are willing to send financial support.
Me and my wife Rose are praying God to move in to the hearts of many who are willing to give their support to this work.
At the moment we are believing God to bring funds to do church expansion before June crusade and conference at a cost of 50,000ksh about $ 600
The church is small and God is bringing people to join our church daily.
You can as well share this to our brothers there.
Pray also for one voice choir they are planning to produce music when funds available.
Thank you again my friend Marty.
Pastor Peter

Pastor Peter, Rose and family

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