MUSIC CAN and sometimes does, connect with someones heart in such a meaningful and very real way. The new music that The HOLY SPIRIT Inspires with in me to write, is no less than a bridge to hearts, or a call to encounter HIS Divine presence and Truth. Connecting others with HIM through the passion and gifts that HE has given to me for HIS Glory, is my hearts truest desire. I place no limits on how GOD will use this to connect hearts and shape lives to HIM. “BUILDING BRIDGES” was a culmination of and an ever evolving list of inspired songs over the past number of years.


In no particular order , and only a partial list of some of the songs – yet to be formally recorded, however all can be used, and all  are Gifted and Inspired through the HOLY SPIRIT.untitled

* “BRING TO ME” – This song was given to me in individual pieces, and just like this ministry evolved into a living and real truth. “Bring to ME all who would come, and I WILL make them whole“. The living and ever guiding and directing TRUTH – that is JESUS CHRIST our RISEN LORD GOD KING over ALL CREATION is the  – ONLY ONE WHO – can truly bring and mend each and every part of us together again, so that we may have a fullness not felt before. Going through this life impacts us no differently than that of a puzzle that comes apart with various pieces missing due to trials, our heart aches, disappointments and loss, there are very real pieces of us that need to be mended. JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY ONE who can bring us into a complete and utter fullness with each and every piece of our being – mended and made like new, amen..

* “ALL I AM” Gifted to me in a dream early one morning, this worship song speaks directly to the heart, and is a simple and beautiful melody that resonates the simple truth: All that we ever could or will need – is found so abundantly and completely in The CREATOR KING AND LOVER OF OUR SOULS ~ JESUS.

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* “THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN” – An unexpected calling upon my heart to put a Christian message and attach it to a well known melody. The original melody has been around for a very long time, and is thought to have it’s roots in an old Irish or Scottish folk song, however made famous some decades ago with ~ The House Of The Rising Sun.

There IS POWER in the words that we speak and choose to use and hopefully this new Christian message contained in this song, offers you encouragement and empowerment in the NAME of The FATHER, and of The SON and of The HOLY SPIRIT, amen.

* “JUST CALL HOME” – Call upon ME and I will answer thee. Just Call Home – originally called (Thirty Three: Three call Me) was Co written with Carol Tranquillo and Michael Brady. This song testifies to the fact that you can call GOD at any hour or any day, in any situation and HE will hear you and answer you. Catchy melody, with a near country feel.

* “CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD” – Romans 10:13 – Our Lord will NEVER let us down, and the enemy of our souls never wants to let us up. Great up beat song for Praise and worship with such an important message – all we have to do is to call upon the Name of the LORD and be saved and our lives will be transformed and under the enemy’s authority no more.

Co written with Carol Tranquillo – this song has Praise and Worship written all over it!


* “IN THE MIDST OF A STORM” – This song was actually born out of two individual events miraculously bestowed upon me, and has increased my faith in GOD above exponentially. The first one happened in the year 2002 and a hand from an unseen force kept me in my car seat during a horrific accident, in which I had not a scratch on me. The second one happened about eight years after the first event. My wife and I were both shown the same image of our Lord and Savior while we had our eyes closed with hands held praying, Jesus revealed Himself to us with one arm over each of our shoulders. I remember trying to get a grasp on the blessing of what had actually transpired. I went outside and stood under a stormy sky with the large trees across the yard blowing like crazy and then at that moment the song was fully conceived. NOTHINGS GONNA MOVE ME, – NOTHINGS GONNA SWAY ME – I WILL CLING TO OUR MIGHTY ROCK – OUR SOVEREIGN GOD – HIS VOICE CALMS THE SEA – IN THE MIDST OF A STORM.

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* “TO WHOM ALL GLORY BE” – Co written with Carol Tranquillo, is an intimate song with a simple melody and deeply speaking to hearts – of the Love of a Perfect God and of a sacrifice so deep, in order to reconnect us with The Father. Would be a wonderful song for Good Friday or any worship time. THE CROSS – THE BLOOD – THE CROWN OF THORNS – THE ONE WHO DIED FOR ME – THE ONE THAT I LOVE – TO WHOM ALL GLORY BE.

* “NOTHING COULD KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOU” – No matter what happens to us, no matter what path we accidentally stumble upon, no matter what depths we sink to in a darken place, there IS ALWAYS HOPE – HIS NAME IS JESUS, and NOTHING could ever keep HIM away from you. This song was placed upon my heart when I needed to be reminded of just that. Inspiring and deeply moving.

* “SWEET FREEDOM” – The chorus of this song was given to me several weeks before the rest of the song, and maybe because within the chorus IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE. The battle belongs to the Lord. We CAN’T do it on our own, and that is a FACT. IN HIM and through HIM we can walk with the assurance that we will reach the full potential of whom GOD created us to be, and experience the destiny that HE designed for each one of us before we were ever even born. Sweet freedom is something that we are able to experience as we give to GOD – ALL of our troubles and problems and rely on HIS strength and HIS Divine Wisdom, Guidance and Sovereignty to see us through each and everything that we will ever face. Also, the song does quote the Word of God on a slight glimpse of the unfathomable eternity that we will share in with HIM.

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* “JUST SUPPOSE” – This song was placed on my heart a few years ago before my good friend Michael Brady and I played and ministered through music to a church in Philadelphia Pa. This song spells out the question “what if” to someone who refuses to hear the message or just isn’t sure. Because JESUS IS REAL, HE’S here with us – HE’S here right now – reach out to HIM – Because HE’S here NOW.. We have an unfathomable GOD who desires so very deeply to reach and connect with each and every one of us, and WILL make HIMSELF known if we just ask..

* “ANTHEM” – When I was finished writing this song, I wasn’t sure what to call it and very quietly to my heart I heard whispered to me, – call it ANTHEM. This song is a battle cry – singing of a life that was falling towards certain destruction and that was saved only by HIS GRACE AND UNFAILING MERCY. It exalts HIM over and over again. This is a song that darkness will run from every time it is played and or sung. WORD OF GOD YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS – YOU ARE HOLY – YOU ARE WORTHY – UNSPEAKABLE POWER – YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GOD THE ONLY LIGHT AND THE WAY.

* “STAND” – The HOLY SPIRIT gifted me with this song to share with others in worship, and to celebrate the LOVE AND KINDNESS, THE MERCY AND GRACE that IS JESUS CHRIST and through HIM, we may stand  through each and every trial, struggle or difficulty that we will ever face. JESUS YOU ARE THE LAMB OF GOD – WHO TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD. We Love YOU KING. Amen.


* ” IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR NAME” – This song is a powerhouse live song and allows for the reflection of the fact that JESUS’ NAME WAS EXALTED ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES BY THE FATHER and that there is ONLY ONE NAME that CAME TO SAVE – THE NAME THAT HEALS LIVES AND THE ONLY ONE NAME THAT COULD AND WILL EVER FULLY SATISFY – and that name IS – JESUS. Close your eyes and sing Jesus and you will start to sense and feel instantly, the difference that IS ALIVE in HIS NAME.


It is another unfathomable aspect of GOD – how HE connects the different people to us – in our lives. Each and every person that we come to know, impacts us in a unique and different way. We are used in the exactly same way. Not all of the experiences are positive – but – all are part of our journey and helps to shape us and allowing for even more opportunity, to draw our hearts as well as others, to HIS Heart.

God gave me a writing partner in a very unlikely place, Carol Tranquillo happens to also be my mother and dear friend.

Periodically the Lord places on her heart magnificent lyrics and then allows me the privilege to place that message in melody and project through my vocals. It is always a BLESSING when God shares the message of a new song through the both of us.

(My mother featured with my oldest daughter Mariah)

Mom & I in her kitchen, that is never at a loss for treats!


March 2015

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* “ALMIGHTY I SING” – This song was written actually right after “CAPTIVATED”, was released and is such a powerful song to play and share. Almighty I Sing is perhaps the oldest song out of the new ones, for this current recording project. This unique song has a jam feel to it and lends itself as a strong live song. EVEN THE ROCKS CRY OUT – EVEN THE SEAS WILL ROAR – ROAR, YOUR NAME – The main theme of the song is simply – There is none – none like YOU.

* “MORNING LIGHT” – Co written with Carol Tranquillo, Morning light expresses a gladness and rejoicing upon the heart, as we are given a brand new opportunity at life, with the dawning of each and every new day. GOOD MORNING MIGHTY, WONDROUS KING – YOU ARE MY AWESOME EVERYTHING – YOU ARE ALL I EVER NEED, ALL I EVER NEED – YOU ARE.

* “JUST LAY IT AT THE CROSS” – A reminder that each one of us live in a (fallen world) an we have fallen ourselves so many times, but we have an INCREDIBLE SAVIOR NAMED JESUS who takes away our sins and remembers them no more, if we go to HIM, repent and turn away from that sin. This song serves as a reminder to take that one step and cry out to JESUS.

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* “OVERFLOWING” – a soft and gentle song that was placed on my heart to share with those who have suffered a recent loss of someone near to their heart. There is a tangible peace that can be felt from the chorus in this song and it’s soothing quality’s also offer reassuring that in our SAVIORS arms there IS LOVE – there IS PEACE – Overflowing.

* “OH YOU ARE” – A catchy melody with lyrics that glimpse at the character of The LORD.- OH YOU ARE – THE HOLY LAMB OF GOD – THE KING WHO DIED FOR ME – THE VERY BREATH WITH WHICH I SING – This song rejoices and sings of the salvation that is ours to freely receive because of an unfathomable act of love.

* “A NEW SONG” – A new arrangement of Psalm 96:1,2,3 a great Praise song! THERE IS SUCH POWER IN GOD’S LIVING WORD.

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* “I’M ALIVE IN YOU” – Before YOU the angels fall and sing, – they cry HOLY – HOLY – they cry HOLY, IS THE LAMB – ON HIGH! This song is a mesmerizing worship song, and will help lead you in to the presence of the LORD. I’M Alive In YOU is a song that will speak to the inner depths of your heart, connecting you to – how alive we can be, because of HIS MAJESTY, MERCY, UNFAILING LOVE, SOVEREIGNTY AND GRACE.

* “HOLY IS HIS NAME” – (Isaiah 54:17 & 59:19)
Isaiah 63:1
Who is this who comes from Edom, from the city of Bozrah, with his clothing stained red? Who is this in royal robes, marching in HIS great strength? “It is I, the LORD, announcing your salvation! It is I, the LORD, who has the power to save!”
This song is another battle cry song that proclaims our victory over each and every force of darkness that is set at working against us, because we belong to the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS and we have been given complete and utter victory over all enemy attacks and strongholds, amen.


* “I AM STEADFAST” – Co written with Carol Tranquillo, a deeply moving song that reminds us to lean on HIM for HE is the ONLY UNSHAKABLE, UNCHANGEABLE, UNMOVABLE ROCK – GLORIOUS SAVIOR – that will ever be able to truly lead, guide and direct all of our steps – leading us eventually back home – in HIS timing, to HIM.
Catchy melody that will have you singing along in no time!

* “ASK, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE” – Co written with Carol Tranquillo, a beautiful reminder that when we go to GOD, we are to go before HIM with expectant hearts, having faith in what we ask of HIM – that we WILL receive as we TRUST and BELIEVE in our FATHER meeting all of our needs and delighting in the joys of our hearts. Troubles alone will fall down, when we TRUST IN THE ONE WITH THE CROWN!


I place no limits on how GOD will use this to connect hearts and shape lives to HIM.