“BUILDING BRIDGES” is a double CD that (in God’s timing) is next to be recorded and used within this ministry. This double CD will consist of twenty – twenty one songs with one CD being recorded live, and the other studio finished. This is a project ever so near and dear to my heart, and I place no limits on how GOD will use this to connect hearts and shape lives to HIM. Each song on this new recording project, will become a unique and special tool to be used at HIS direction worldwide. BUILDING BRIDGES was a culmination of inspired songs over the past three years with the majority being written within this past year.


In no particular order – tentative list:

* JUST CALL HOME – Call upon ME and I will answer thee. Just Call Home – originally called (Thirty Three: Three call Me) was Co written with Carol Tranquillo and Michael Brady. This song testifies to the fact that you can call GOD at any hour or any day, in any situation and HE will hear you and answer you. Catchy melody, with a near country feel.

* HOLY IS HIS NAME – Isaiah 63:1 54:17 and 59:19 – (It is I, the LORD, announcing your salvation! It is I, the LORD, who has the power to save!)
A great praise and worship song – Blessed be Your Name Your Holy Name The King of Kings all Glory on high all Authority Crimson Majesty The giver of life who loves you and me.

* “CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD” – Our Lord will NEVER let us down, and the enemy of our souls never wants to let us up. Great up beat song for Praise and worship with such an important message – all we have to do is to call upon the Name of the LORD and be saved and our lives will be transformed and under the enemy’s authority no more.

* “NOT ONE HIGHER THAN YOU ARE” – Prince of Peace and Righteous One – Son of God the Holy One – Consuming Fire Bright Morning Star – Not one higher – than You are.
Co written with Carol Tranquillo – this song has praise and worship written all over it!

* “IN THE MIDST OF A STORM” – This song was actually born out of two individual events miraculously bestowed upon me, and has increased my faith in GOD above exponentially. The first one happened in the year 2002 and a hand from an unseen force kept me in my car seat during a horrific accident, in which I had not a scratch on me. The second one happened about eight years after the first event. My wife and I were both shown the same image of our Lord and Saviour while we had our eyes closed with hands held praying Jesus revealed Himself to us with one arm over each of our shoulders. I remember trying to get a grasp on the blessing of what had actually transpired. I went outside and stood under a stormy sky with the large trees across the yard blowing like crazy and then at that moment the song was fully conceived. Nothing’s going to move me, nothing’s gonna sway me I will cling to our Mighty Rock our Sovereign God His voice calms the seas in the midst of a storm.

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* “TO WHOM ALL GLORY BE” – Co written with Carol Tranquillo, is an intimate song with a simple melody and deeply speaking to hearts of the Love of a Perfect God to sacrifice so deeply in order to reconnect us with The Father. Would be a wonderful song for Good Friday or any worship time. THE CROSS THE BLOOD THE CROWN OF THORNS THE ONE WHO DIED FOR ME THE ONE THAT I LOVE TO WHOM ALL GLORY BE

(Will add more into here shortly!)