APART FROM YOU, WE’RE NOTHING AT ALL – Written by Martin S. Loose 1/10/2018 Inspired by The Holy Spirit  – James 1:7-9, John 15:5

After all is said and done   the hands of  time

Have run their race   they’ve fulfilled their  need

What can be said of you   what have you now

Nothing of this world   will ever last

All the riches  all the fame                                                           

Every single thing accomplished in our own name 

Will  wither and fall   apart from You God   we’re nothing at all


Please help us Dear JESUS to

Live a life that lasts   that lives beyond the stars

That reaches to the heavens   brings Glory to the Father

Live a life that shares   and cares for those around us

Shining everlasting hope   in an ever darker world

May we live a life  that  lovessharing – Your – Everlasting Light

And Your – Everlasting Truth   to an ever needing world

May we live – a life –  that lasts


May we live – a life –   that loves


May each and everyone of us share in, the unfathomable Love that is God, and embrace HIS Leading to be vessels sharing that same Love with all who are placed within our pathway, amen.

What AN AWESOME GOD we serve!

Blessings friends, we will talk again soon.

In Christ always,


Marty - Sept. 2017