IN THE RIVER, WE FLOW – Written by Martin S. Loose 12-30-2018 – Inspired and gifted completely by the Holy Spirit

In the river   I flow    onward to God   this I know

Into His Arms   of Love    I am now complete

Nothing more will I ever need


For He is Love   He is Love

All of this world   melts away

Healing Love   steadfast and true

All of my hopes, dreams and plans

Jesus my King   You hold in Your Hands

Your Hands of Love


I was watching a worship service this morning and I was thinking about “the river of God that flows from the throne room”, that indescribable place that we can enter into through worship, even down here.. I also became acutely aware of, that in true surrendered worship, we don’t have to work towards it, it is already present and waiting for us to taste and immerse ourselves in it. That place that has no words to accurately describe, is the place were we are lost in the pure wonderment of HIM, and each and every fiber of our being is exalting and reaching toward HIM, yes we are tasting that river.. A true and lasting glimpse into what awaits each of us one day, when we are living with God and all of HIS heavenly splendor, amen.

Revelation 22:1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb

My prayer for 2019 for each one of us is this;

Father God, in Jesus’ Name we pray, lead, guide and direct our hearts to EXALT JESUS and the Holy Truth of Your everlasting Word, more than ever before. May You give us the opportunity to LOVE MORE and fill our hearts with all the love that we can hold. May we encourage and uplift all who you place in our pathways, and may the unfathomable Joy of Knowing Your Love and salvation, shine on everyone that we meet. Eternity is not long enough to Love on You Dear Holy God, thank You for Your Saving Love, amen.

Dear friends, 2019 will be an absolutely spectacular year in JESUS!

Be blessed dear friends, and we will talk again soon,

In Christ always,