Written by Martin S. Loose 10-4-2020 

  Inspired by the Holy Spirit

I believe –    That this is righteous and true –   

Our lives don’t belong –   To me or to you –

Did we make ourselves –   Speak life and give breath –

Can we raise ourselves –   With our dying last breath –  

Check out the mountains –   Look at the sea –  

Look at the night sky –   As endless as can be –   


We’re all part –   Of a Divine plan –  

Designed by God –   As only He can –  

Who has saved you –   For a time such as this –   

Who else can lead you –   Out of an abyss –  

Who speaks light –   And darkness runs –  

Who performs miracles –   And the doctors are stunned –  

Who is the Guarantor –   The Beginning and the End –  

Who knows all things –   The most faithful of friends –  

Never a tear –   That He does not see –  

There’s never a time –   That He wants less for me –  


Let’s give Him the Glory –   Let us lift our voices high –  

Let us start walking in this truth –   And let all the old things pass by –  

Let us shout it from the rooftops –   His Glory on display –  

This timeless truth –   Shall lead the way –  

God alone directs our steps –   God alone navigates our paths –  

God alone controls –   Present future and past –   


He’s Three in One –   The soul Rescuer of me –  

He’s God the Father –   And He’s God the Son –  

He’s God the Holy Spirit –   He is the Ultimate One –  

The Finisher of our faith –   The Rescuer of our souls –  

The Provider of our needs –   Through Him alone are we whole –  

He loved us first –   Though we mocked and denied –  

His Son dear Jesus –   On a cross for us He died –  

The Living Son of God –   Sent from heaven above –   

So that we could see –   The Face of God –  

And how we should live Love –  

Through His sacrifice –   Paid in full with His Blood –  

Heaven’s doors were now open –   A true way had now been made –  

For Jesus Christ is the Light –   And through Him is the way –      

The enemy of our souls –   Defeated in plain view –  

Not even the gates of hell –   Can now prevail against me nor you –  

The Holy Spirit given –   To those who believe –  

The Living power of God within us –   Fulfilling all our  needs –  

Leading us towards Jesus –   Working on the inside and the out –  

Never grows tired –   Never a doubt –  

So Church Listen,

The time is now –   The time has come –  

To really start living and proclaiming the Holy One!

This world needs this truth –   So many lives are at stake –  

The joy of the Lord we live –   As conquerors in Christ we may take –  

Lost territory and lost lives –   Back from the enemy’s hands –  

And deliver them into the Kingdom –  

Of the Great I Am!

Stand with me –   On the front lines we march –  

Only forward we move –   Only towards heaven we embark –  

Our Lord and our Shepherd –   Our Heavenly King –