“I’ve gone from rags to riches”

Spirit Revival Worship Ministry at the Hope Rescue Mission in Reading Pa. U.S.A

I’ve crossed from death to life My eternity forever – secure

In His Hands – I am held  Now and forever more

Not one need un-fulfilled He carried it – all – to –  the cross 

He shed His Blood for me –  No more  am  I  lost  – 

No more  am  I  lost –      

I’ve gone from rags to riches    from rags to riches

 I’ve gone from rags to riches   by calling Your Name  

Every knee will bow  –  every tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord – that Jesus Christ is Lord

Forever –  forever –  and now forever  –

                                We’ve gone from rags to riches  

From rags to riches

 We’ve gone from rags to riches  by calling Your Name

We’ve crossed from death to life

Our eternity forever secure

Now and forever  let us Exalt the Name

That Is above each and every other name 

The Name –  of –  JESUS – –

Dear friends, I hope this song blesses and fills your heart with joy, as you think about ~ the UNFATHOMABLE RICHES we have been given, through having our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, in our hearts and centered in our lives…

Have an AMAZING DAY in JESUS! We will talk again soon.

In Christ always,