GOD, we need a move..

Martin S. Loose – Spirit Revival Worship Ministry.

Blessings dear friends, here is the (transcript), what God inspired me to share for – Prayer in the Park for our Nation and Community – Sunday, September 12th 2021. To GOD be ALL THE GLORY!

I truly believe, Church, that we are at a “definitive moment” in time right now. Each one of us, we are at a “definitive moment” in time. God alone knew when He would place us into our “life’s timeline”, we were chosen for a time such as this, and so, this is a “definitive moment”. 

The Lord is the Strength of our life, our lives have been nailed to the Cross and it’s Christ’s life that now lives in each one of us. In each one of us, the life that we are living is Christ’s life. Without God, nothing’s possible really, but with God, all things are possible, and we belong to Him. To Him, we are His children, we are His worshipers, we Love Him, we Exalt His Name, He even calls us friends. He has placed us into this timeline, in this world, at this time.

I believe this is the time, right now, right now, where it is time to stand, on His Word more than ever before. Surrender our hearts daily to Him, daily to Him, and say Lord use us.

Lord, use us, use each one of us in the community, use each one of us. Really, all of these, the nation, the community, the families, it’s all intricately involved with each other, and so this has to start within each one of us.

We have already mentioned this, Revival has to start in us first. It’s not just something that’s just going to explode, it has to start in each one of our hearts first. Lord, lead us to a place where our hearts are ready, to be used for Revival.

Because, when we are at that place, then true change can occur in our house, and in our families and in our communities. How we interact with people, how we conduct business, how we shine Christ’s Love, everywhere, that we are given opportunity to do that. 

This is a time to Love, not to shrink away from Love. This is a time to Love and stand on God’s Truth, His everlasting Truth and Promises.

Each one of us have been blessed with each and every Spiritual Blessing. 

We have the Holy Spirit that is within us, that is with us all the time. That Holy Spirit that hovered above the waters in creation, He is with us. If we are walking in God’s will, surrendered to Him, humbly to Him, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish in Him, Christ Jesus.

Honestly, If we look at our nation 20 years later; I read a message from the Rev. Billy Graham that he had delivered at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., 3 days after 9/11. What a stark reflection to where we are now some 20 years later, from where we were and appeared to be heading towards as a country and a nation. In some  measure each one of us here were impacted by that day. 

If you are not old enough to witness it and were born after that, you have heard of it. There was something that happened that was “palpable” not only were we shattered and we cried and we grieved and couldn’t believe and it was surreal, but something started to change.

There was more love. There was more commonality of people, there wasn’t division, there wasn’t space between us, there was this; Christ calls us to love, to love, and we need to get back to that, we need to get back to that. We need to get back to love. We need to get back to growing closer. Closer to God, living His Word, standing on His Promises and sharing that Truth wherever we go. 

His Light that shines from us is a beacon. A beacon and a house built on a hill with that light, cannot be hidden. Lord use us, use each and every one of us, and our friends and our families, Lord use us to be part of that. 

The enemy of our souls has penetrated every facet of –

Government, leadership, young people’s education, media, news, movies, TV shows, distancing the commonality of people in general – and perpetuation 

of false information, dissension, worldly wisdom, worldly values and immorality of every kind.

WE NEED A MOVE, but we serve a God that moves.. Our God moves, our God is able.

Our God is able to do more than each one of us could ever dream, could ever think, could ever imagine, He is a God that is able and that is the kind of God we serve.

I pray that God stirs our hearts, each one of our hearts. Cultivating in each one of us, starting with me, what is necessary, so that He may use His Church. 

Each one of us individually are His Church. We have beautiful places that we worship at, this is a beautiful place that we are worshiping at, but we are the Church, we are Christ’s bride. By stirring our hearts and cultivating within each one of us that which is necessary, that we may become “the action arm that He uses” for this move. 

So that we may stand on 2nd Chronicles 7:14 

There is something that really stands out in that scripture, well, the whole scripture stands out, but it is affirmative action in play based on promises based on obedience. 

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, – then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

We are called by His Name, we Love the Name of Jesus, we Exalt the Name of Jesus,  we Worship the Name of Jesus, we belong to the Name of Jesus. If we are called by His Name, which we are – and we will humble ourselves, if we pray and seek His Face and we turn from wicked ways, then I WILL… not maybe, I’ll think about it, 

No, I WILL , I WILL hear from heaven. And I will forgive their sin and I WILL heal their land..

I ask  Awaken LORD, Your sleeping giant, YOUR sleeping giant, which is the Church, Your bride here on earth. Yes, there are so many different denominations but there is one core value – GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT and the Truth of the WORD OF GOD. And by this – unite us. Use us as Your “action arm” in our families, within our communities and ultimately that, that would spread through so that, Godly appointments, Godly people, Godly legislation, Godly ways, move to the forefront. Prayers back in schools, things can turn around, but we have to stand on God’s promises and humble ourselves before Him. 

We HAVE been BLESSED with EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING YOU have given us the Keys to the Kingdom – we have the authority to Bind and to Loose – the AUTHORITY to use YOUR HOLY NAME

We have the AUTHORITY to use that Name of JESUS

That Name that is above every name. 

Jesus Christ is the Rock on which we must build our foundation. The Lord referred to Himself as “the stone of Israel” and emphatically stated, “He that buildeth upon this rock –  “THE CORNERSTONE” shall never fall”

Lord my prayer is that – each one of us that is here today, that You would, not only in our lives but in the lives of our families, in the lives of our friends, and in the lives of their loved ones, Lord, draw our hearts each and ever closer to You – allow us to stand closer and closer to Your Truths – Lord, allow us to be used, as You so decide to use us, in our families and in our communities, and Lord, we know that with You, all things are possible and that things can turn around, we know that – because You have promised us that You will hear us, if we call upon You and turn from these ways, You will hear us and You will heal our land. You will heal our land, and You are the God of healing – You are the God of miracles, Miracle worker, Promise Keeper, You are Light in the darkness, my God that is who You are… We love You, we Exalt Your Name and we know that this is the time where real change can start, let us be the change first, and then use us Lord. We bless Your Name, bless the Name of the Lord, in Jesus’s Name, amen.