Delight In The Lord (Jesus, Here We Are, Here We Are, Jesus)

By Martin S. Loose , Inspired by the Holy Spirit and performed with Spirit Revival Worship Ministry.

This was recorded during a practice session and is a song that helps to place us before our beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope to have this recorded in better quality in the future. Allow it to resonate in you.

There is ONLY ONE who can guide us through every pathway that we must walk in our lifetime. There is ONLY ONE who can save and restore our country. There is ONLY ONE who can rescue our souls, heal and save us, from the darkness that has crept into the very fabric of our everyday life and is blinding so many. There is ONLY ONE that can demolish and remove every strong hold that is pitted against what is good and righteous. HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST. Cry out to HIM for forgiveness and restoration. Ask HIM to guide you into full repentance and look to HIS strength and wisdom for guiding coordinates. HIS Holy Word will guide our hearts if we seek it. And HE WILL rescue and save us, if WE TRUST and BELIEVE IN HIM. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY NOW AND FOREVER.