“LEAN ON ME, FOR I AM STEADFAST” this is one of the songs featured on the up and coming “BUILDING BRIDGES”


In this ever-changing world in which we live, how different all would be if we would only – really and truly – RELY ON HIM; if we would celebrate the character of GOD, and try to implement those traits into our daily encounters and endeavours. This world has a rampaging darkness, disguised under many masks, but still leads to the same destinations.
GOD never ever changes, HE IS ALWAYS, HAS BEEN ALWAYS AND WILL REMAIN ALWAYS – THE CREATOR AND LORD OVER ALL CREATION. In uncertain or difficult times, it’s easier to reach out to HIM, but reaching out to HIM and allowing, through open hearts for HIM, to reach back to us, during (ALL times) allows us to have a comfort (that all is well) even when storms are raging or awful atrocities are unfolding, our GOD is SOVEREIGN.
HE holds ALL the pieces to all things, beginnings and endings – though incomprehensible to us, HE WILL SEE THAT EACH AND EVERY SITUATION THAT UNFOLDS, WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD TO THE FINAL OUTCOME INWHICH HIS SOVEREIGNTY OVER ALL THINGS EXPRESSES ALL OF HIS TRAITS. We have been Divinely gifted through JESUS CHRIST with the welcome and open invitation to – truly LEAN ON HIM, and be assured that we will have the KING over all creation hold our hand and walk with us, through each and every step of this life’s journey.
“LEAN ON ME, FOR I AM STEADFAST” is another song that will be featured on the up and coming “BUILDING BRIDGES” double CD.
Co written with Carol Tranquillo, this song is a deeply moving song that reminds us to lean on HIM for HE is the ONLY UNSHAKABLE, UNCHANGEABLE, IMMOVABLE ROCK – GLORIOUS SAVIOR – that will ever be able to truly lead, guide and direct all of our steps – leading us eventually back home – in HIS timing, to HIM.
May this day bring you closer in every way to the Designer and Creator of our souls and the ONE WHO IS LOVE. Be blessed.