With arms held high we stand, proclaiming Your Glory and Majesty over each and every aspect of our lives. We love You Lord. Thank you for loving us with a depth that we cannot grasp…

Marty Loose and Spirit Revival Worship Ministry

Heaven picture

There are many who still believe that all there is – is just what we see, the here and the now. I have been reminded so many times over the last number of years that – that couldn’t be further from the truth. I have first hand witnessed in my life, miracles, Divine intervention, direction and healing that were VERY real and were absolutely from a LIVING GOD. I have ALSO witnessed first hand, up close and personal a like wise VERY real opposing force, that is equally at work behind the normal “visual scenes” non the less still here and still always at work. Our Creator is eternal and is beyond any sense of description that we have available presently to even scratch the surface at a description, HE Loves us and wants to be with us forever, thus having made our souls and Spirits eternal as well. Jesus…

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