“ALL I AM” acoustic worship – Enjoy and be blessed!

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“ALL I AM” is a song that was given to me in a dream earlier this month. This particular acoustic recording actually has the beginning part of another song (“NOT ONE HIGHER”), slowed down and blended at the beginning. “ALL I AM” speaks directly to the heart of who we truly are meant to be in JESUS. When we pause for a moment and try and grasp the sheer enormity of this priceless gift that is JESUS, we should conclude that no better could we ever do, than submit all to HIM, for within HIM is the very foundation of our being, belonging and vast potential to all we are to become through the love that is CHRIST JESUS. We have been given an opportunity and the unfathomable gift of – life eternal, a very small part of that spent here on earth, the rest of that with the very creator of all that ever was, is and will be. We know that there is a very real rampaging darkness and evil here – where we are now, looking to direct us in to a statistic, but this here and now is fleeting, and eternity is without end. Time and time again I am reminded that JESUS LOVES US exponentially  MORE than we could begin to conceive. Our very best can only ever be fully realised and achieved in and through CHRIST JESUS. HE takes our adversities, and blends each and every one of them into something that will not only eventually help us to become more, but also brings us one step closer to realising, – that all we ever truly really need, is HIM.

I hope that you are encouraged and are blessed beyond measure this day, and that each and every moment brings you closer to HIS LOVE.

Shine on sun!  Marty 7 Oct. 2014