“BRING TO ME” a brand new song – acoustic version.



Thank you for listening to one of my latest songs. May this song bless you deeply, and encourage your walk with our greatest gift of all eternity, – the gift of JESUS CHRIST.


Written by Martin S. Loose – September 13, 2014

Completely inspired and gifted from The Holy Spirit.

Bring to Me your tired you’re so heavy laden (VERSE)

Bring to Me those who are lost and those who are afraid

Bring to Me all who suffer with the burdens costing them their lives’

Bring to Me all who would come and I will make them whole


Cause heavens just a breath away from where we are right now

From seeing the unseen the hidden in between more real than you’ll ever know

Cause heavens just a breath away a place beyond our dreams

The unlocking of a door a rush of so much more

Living in the peace in the love of God

There are those who refuse they don’t believe (BRIDGE)

But we say – do believe

Yea there are those who walk away they turn their backs they curse they laugh

                                                       But we say – turn around,  please turn around

Embrace His love  –   feel His truth        (repeat first part)


Be blessed my friends!   And share the Love and Living Truth of JESUS as you are given opportunity too.



One thought on ““BRING TO ME” a brand new song – acoustic version.”

  1. So glad to hear that voice
    Still going strong and clear
    Just want to let you know
    No matter where we are
    Far away or near
    Our voices will always be so close
    The space between so shear
    That the sound of them combining
    Can melt away all fear of failing
    When our voices are regaling
    The love of God for all

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