“THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN” by Marty Loose – acoustic version – September 2014

I decided to share this again, since there has been a lot of interest in it, and Is being used to bless many. All Honour, Praise and Glory to HIM.

Marty Loose and Spirit Revival Worship Ministry

Heaven picture

Out of the clear blue this song was inspired within me to pursue, record and share. The melody would keep appearing when I would be practicing, but I would brush it aside. Two nights ago I actually had a dream about the song, so I realized that perhaps the LORD wanted me to take this melody and ask for inspiration on the message. The HOLY SPIRIT gifted me with the lyrics, and without them there would be no song. The melody of this song is actually thought to be an old English, Scottish or Irish folk song, or melody, of course made famous in the 60’s by the musical band The Animals, as (The House Of The Rising Sun). This catchy melody, needed to be shared with a Christian message, and I am so blessed to do just that. All Glory, all Honor and all Praise to the King of…

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