Written by Martin S. Loose – September 9, 2017 – Inspired by The Holy Spirit.


When we are strong, because we are NOT strong. We can be strong at times based on a human scale, but based on a GODLY scale comprised of a Totally different set of measurements, in our own strength fall very short. However, when we move in a conscious decision sort of way, toward RELYING fully and totally on HIM, HIS direction, equipping, Leading, guiding, Love of immeasurable abundance, and unfathomable Grace, we will see and glimpse HIS Wonder and become plugged directly into HIS Infinite resources, amen.


When we place JESUS at the center of our lives and we bow before HIM and Praise and Worship HIM with all of our heart, Exalting HIM above anything else in our life, we are in a place where our true and proper alignment with GOD Almighty is secured. We then begin to sense and see the True Majesty of JESUS CHRIST and the miraculous wonders of HIS very presence. In that alignment we are strong and right where GOD designed for us to be, amen. 


The TIME IS NOW, to EXALT JESUS all over the world, and watch how HIS Miraculous Hand will move against the very forces that are preventing us from doing that very thing. 

Blessings dear friends, exciting times are ahead because we BELONG to the One who created the universe and gave us the very breath of life. HE is the One who designed each and every part of our being and who designed our very destiny;  The One who Loves us deeper than we have the ability to imagine, comprehend or conceive; The Very One who Holds our hands as we traverse this troubled world, but will NEVER EVER leave us, and is ALWAYS working for the good of HIS people. We MUST ALWAYS TRUST HIM and HIS plans, although they are not our ways and beyond our understanding much of the time, we must TRUST HIM because we have been given direct knowledge about HIS character, and in that we know that HE LOVES US DEARLY, amen.


Written by Martin S. Loose, September 1, 2017 – Inspired completely by The Holy Spirit.


In-sur-mountable    Un-be-lievable

That this King   would die for me   for you

Ex-traordinary    Unfathomable Glory

This King   all Majesty on high   on high


We raise   our hands   we sing out loud

We sing out clear   we are strong


When we   Exalt You   we  Exalt You

Matchless King   Lord on High

May all  of heaven   join in with voices

To Worship  –  Your Mighty   Name


Thank You Dear Lord Jesus for another day here and another opportunity to share Your Unfathomable Glory with others.



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