Written by Martin S. Loose – September 17, 2017 – Inspired by The Holy Spirit

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When the Holy Spirit inspired in me the song “We Receive You” back in early May of this year, I never realized how the very words of that song, would so clearly be at work within me as well. Spend time with God as often as you can. Give HIM  some quiet time each day, where it can just be a simple pause from everything else, where you are listening and not talking. Our God, our KING of Majesty on High, is the same today, as HE was yesterday and will be forever. HIS Love for us is far beyond our comprehension, and HIS Miraculous nature continually flows in such immeasurable abundance.

Today, after I shared in Holy Communion or the Eucharist while meditating on HIM, I was healed of something that I didn’t even realize I had. I felt HIS Peace that surpasses all understanding ever so gently but weightily fall upon me. I felt yet another sensation, around the lower center and left side of my chest, around my heart area. It felt like a warm massage of peace, nearly like a strengthening with sensations that I can’t actually describe. Inside of me, something was absolutely taking place, although I am at a loss of descriptive words to properly explain it. The Lord then spoke to me and said that HE had healed me of something that I was unaware that I had. Something that had occurred from earlier in my life from the way that I had been living. HE then said  “your heart will serve you well through your ministry”. I was then aware of my heart beating slower and just seemed to feel different, perhaps stronger. JESUS Healed me just like that. HE IS A MIRACULOUS, ALL GLORIOUS, EVER FAITHFUL AND TRUE GOD ON HIGH, ALWAYS! He wanted me to testify to others about this and HOW HE IS ABLE and WILLING TO HEAL! Amen and amen.

Blessings friends!

And may the True GOD OF WONDERS draw your heart and your loved ones’ hearts, ever so closer to HIS, amen. 


Written by Martin S. Loose – May 5, 2017- Inspired by The Holy Spirit

Come and   heal – me  Lord

Come and   heal – me  Lord,  for  You

Breathe on – us,  dear Lord  Your breath

Breathe on – us,  dear Lord,  we receive  You

We receive You   right here   right now in this place

Right now  we Exalt Your Name   so High above the heavens

Dear Lord  

Come and   heal – me  Lord

Come and   heal – me  Lord,  for  You

Breathe on – us,  dear Lord

Breathe on – us,  dear Lord,  Lord  breathe on – us  dear Lord

We receive  You    we receive You Lord  

Our hearts cry out for You  Lord

Come and heal us  our King