Written by Martin S. Loose September 23, 2017 – Inspired completely by The Holy Spirit

In light of success


The truth is   in each of our hearts   in each of our hearts

We know   yes we feel   we were made for so much more


Barriers and walls   we break you down

The Power of Christ   that lives within us

Breaks them down

We can do all things   let us join as one

In the Power of Christ   let us join and fight

And break down these walls   these walls


In Christ we have been made new

We are not slaves to this world

In Christ let this Power flow

We are not slaves anymore   not slaves to below

(Outro) – In the Power of Christ   let us join tonight

In the Power of Christ   let us join and fight

And break down these walls    break down these walls


Written by Martin S. Loose – 9/23/2017 – Inspired by The Holy Spirit


Let us join together as One Voice, as Christians everywhere and unite and “Breath in” – growing in unity, love and understanding of who we are in CHRIST JESUS, and what we are capable of accomplishing in CHRIST JESUS. Let us then reflect on this unfathomable gift of life that we have each been given for a purpose and a season. “Holding that breath” – And then“Releasing that breath” – flood the earth with all that we have been gifted and given, pouring out upon others as we have been given to freely breath in, and now it is for us to breath back out – to give back, to unselfishly release the Christ within each one of us – to pour in love out amongst all others, amen.

We have been made by THE MASTER OF ALL CREATION to share in eternity with HIM – forever. We have been given such a unique chapter to be featured within , in this very distinctive moment and time that each of us are to play apart in, fulfilling a part of our eternal journey. We are but a breath here to our Eternal CREATOR, but we have been given the ability, and choice to choose what type of breath we imprint as… Let’s make it a BIG BREATH – amen.

Exciting times are ahead of us, as WE WILL SEE the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD ALMIGHTY being poured out in such great measure in order for all of the world to have heard the GREATEST NEWS THAT HAS EVER BEEN BROADCASTED, SHARED, EXPERIENCED, DEMONSTRATED, OR TOLD.

Be Blessed my friends, and we will talk again soon!


Marty - Sept. 2017