THE VICTORY IS OURS – Written by Martin S. Loose 2-27-2018                                Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Not by my power  no  nor by my might

Could I ever  begin  to fight

This enemy who lurks, hides and prowls all around

Hungry to keep all of   God’s  children – down


But / The Power of Christ has  set us free

It’s been given to you and   given to me

There’s no turning back only freedom I see

Right here and right now-  in Jesus’ Name  (WE DECLARE IT!)

We are free    and free   we  remain


The battle belongs to the Lord – it is already won

We are the children of the Most High – God’s Only Son

The battle cry at the cross   settled the score

The victory is ours   forever more

Defeated foe under our shoes is your place

We will never surrender our victory by Grace

We can do all things in Jesus’ Holy Name

We exalt You King Jesus  our Lord   our everything



The enemy of our souls does not like when we as children of the Most High, are walking in the authority that has been given to us, as surrendered believers and worshipers of Jesus Christ. For when we welcome Jesus into our hearts, not only has the Holy Spirit opened our eyes and heart to the truth, but He will also now live in us and with us, until we are called home to heaven. We have been sealed and belong to the NAME above ALL NAMES. We BELONG TO GOD, the Sovereign King over all heaven and earth. We as His children, have full access to live and dwell with the written Word of God, and the Holy Spirit to enlighten the Word, before our very eyes. We are servants and worshipers of the Most High, we are Lovers of The First and The Last, The Beginning and The End, and we belong to HIM and HE even calls us Friend. We are royalty in Christ Jesus and we have been given a full and complete spiritual set of armor, to put on daily and use as needed. We have been given the Living Word of God to dwell on, share and use daily and always. The Word of God is alive and ALWAYS accomplishes each and everything that it is intended to do, and never returns void. All the powers of darkness cannot stand against the power in the spoken Word of God, when used by a surrendered believer in Jesus’ Name.  Every victory has already been won. No not one thing can the enemy of our souls gain victory in our lives over us, unless we allow them to. We have been covered and washed clean in the unfathomable Blood of Jesus Christ and have been gifted with assurance that we will always be living in God’s presence, amen.

So right here and now today, Dear Father God, we come before You in Jesus’ Holy Name. We again surrender all of us to you – each and everything that we are, have been and will ever be, we give to You. We ask for You to draw our hearts this very moment and each and every moment of every day – closer to Your heart. We ask that You stir in us a passion –  greater than ever before, to serve You, obey You and live for You, reflecting Your light onto others in our pathway. We come against any plans or assignments of the enemy in our lives, and shatter them right now in the Name of Jesus. Please help us to walk each and every day in the Victory that You have already granted us, and the knowledge of how incredibly Loved we are always, by You, amen.

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Blessings friends, can’t wait till we talk again soon!

Yours in Christ always,