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Written by Martin S. Loose 3-21-2018 Inspired by the Holy Spirit

LORD – of heaven

On our knees we come to you

Holy King of heaven   Lord over all we do

Our hearts – BOW before You   Majestic King on high

All I have inside of me  –  Exalts the Name of JESUS  on high

JESUS, JESUS   all Glorious One

King of heaven,  GOD’S  only Son

Oh Bright and Morning Star  Your Love overwhelms  us

All I am is Yours   JESUS   and forever You’re mine

maxresdefault (1)We ARE LOVED, every minute of every day. We ARE LOVED no matter where we might find ourselves, JESUS’S LOVE is already there. JESUS IS LOVE and is overwhelmingly available at all times, with a fullness and depth of love that could NEVER be measured, but is always reaching toward us, amen.

Dear friends, allow JESUS’S…

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2 thoughts on “YOU ARE LOVED”

  1. This song amplifies the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart! I pray that the children of God are Blessed to find your website. I am honored to be your DAD!!

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