This is my latest song, recorded only off of a mobile/ cell phone, but I felt compelled to share it and look forward to recording it at a later date. I cannot wait to share this live,  all Glory and Honor to our Risen Lord God on High, amen. Thank you to my lovely wife for accompanying me with some keyboard strings.

A SALVATION SONG – Inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by Martin S. Loose – August 10, 2018

I’ll just reach out my hand    will you take it

You’re gonna make it    He’ll see it through    the day has come

Invite Him in    God’s only Son    and you’re gonna make it

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been   it doesn’t matter how long gone

Let the Truth of Jesus Christ   and His Love –  lead you on

And you’re gonna make it   – (REPEAT TWICE)

In-this-world-there’s-trouble and pain   but take heart

I-have-overcome-them-just- the  same  –

I am the way   the truth and the life    My Name is Jesus  –  Christ  –

Reach out to Him  –   Oh and you’re gonna make it

God Loves you pure and true    please believe this

He’ll never leave us, alone

He hung on a cross    bore our sin    tortured and mocked

So, He could live within   each of us    and for us    

He hung on that cross    He made the way    oh such a cost

 That price He paid    but now, thank You Lord   we’re gonna make it

We’re gonna   make it    We’re gonna   make it


Be blessed dear friends, and may the unfathomable Love, Peace and Joy that is only found in Jesus, wash over you and your loved ones this very day, amen.

We will talk again soon!

In Christ Always,