The world that we live in would like us to believe that we should never surrender, to anyone or anything. The enemy of our souls are happiest when our lives are in disarray, when we are in chains of bondage that are keeping us down, never allowing us to become all that each of us were designed to become. The thing about surrender is, that when it comes to our relationship with God, our complete and full surrendering of ourselves to HIM and only to HIM, is the only way to achieve victory over each and every area of our lives.  When we realize that there is simply no way that we could ever navigate our lives in a way that fulfills each and every part of our yearnings, full and complete surrender to God is the ONLY way to live a life that lasts.

The very author and creator of our souls, wants us to be as close to HIM as is humanly possible. How much more can we achieve, experience, be used to accomplish, love, encourage, and dream, by allowing God Almighty, through Jesus Christ and with the direction of the Holy Spirit, to renew, restore, replenish, invigorate and so divinely lead us through this journey, fulfilling a life that lasts.

JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY, the only Name in which we can be assured that we will have a life with God for ever, and the ONLY undeniable way to victory through this life’s journey, through our sweet surrender to HIM, amen.

Friends, I invite you to reach out to HIM, more than ever before, and ask HIM into your heart deeper than ever before. Ask HIM, to lead you into that place of utter and full surrender to HIM, and you will start to feel HIS love, sovereignty and assurance in such a real and tangible way, and there is no better place to be, then surrendered – to HIM.



Dear friends, we will talk again soon.

Dear heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, may each and every heart that You draw near to You, experience the sweetness and completeness of surrender before You, and that the Name of Jesus Christ becomes EXALTED more than ever, amen.

Have an amazing day friends,

In Christ always,