I recorded this song 4 years ago while living in Ireland. The Lord had inspired this song on my heart, and I remember playing and singing it into a small handheld microphone, borrowed from the School that I was attending at the time. I was sitting facing my front window with the afternoon sun upon my face, and it was at that instant that this song really became alive.. On our knees before our Unfathomable God of Love, His Heart and His Love being at the center of our life, allows us to STAND through all that this life will ever throw at us. Only with JESUS at our center, are we able to stand firm, because “the Lord is truly, the strength and the only True Rescuer of our lives, if we embrace HIM with our hearts” amen..

Here is that version, recorded on that afternoon, with the afternoon sun reassuring me, that CHRIST JESUS IS IN CONTROL and LOVES US WITHOUT END, amen.

Blessings dear friends, and we will talk again soon!

In Christ always,