“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1 :5


“Lie upon lie, they had me believe, but in You my Christ, Jesus, I am free” “And I am loved, yes we are loved…
“You are Loved” In these days that are filled with divisiveness, and fueled by anger, hate and bitterness, we are still Loved. Let us look to HIM, the Lord over all of creation, and be willing to seek HIS guidance for healing, HIS Living Truth amidst all of this hatred, and turn toward Love and healing, amen.. All things are possible if we serve God, and not the whims of this world, and the master of lies, deception and destruction, who lays waste to all that he can… We HAVE entered into a literal time of “Awakening” and the time has come to join together in peace, shining the light of Christ in each and every situation, each and every day, no matter the circumstances… Darkness cannot stand against the light, so let’s chase away this ever descending darkness, and rejoice in the truth, and the truth will always set us free..