it’s because he loves us

Song written by Martin S. Loose – Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

This is a recording of us doing this song – for the first time – July 8th 2020 – at the end of our practice session.

Many times I’ll throw out a new song to the team, just to see how it flows and connects. I guess God gave me a nudge to throw this song out to the team. This was the last time this side of heaven that we would Worship through music together with Andy, for just 24 short days later, Andy was promoted to heavens Worship team.

Andy nor Kevin had ever heard this song before, and it’s a brilliant showcase of how Andy’s heart and talent would blend so well with ours. His intuitive percussion and passion is openly displayed. All Glory to our Most Precious Savior Jesus, for the one last song, before going home… So often, my mind and heart still feel a part of him in these songs and the lasting “child like love and trust” that he had for Jesus, lingering.

He adored his wife and his children, and he embraced God with full surrender, and until we meet again back home, Andy you are missed…

I am so thankful that Kevin Hewitt captured this song by recording it on to his phone. “Every good and great gift is from above”

I pray that this song and video touch your heart, and that the JOY of the LORD is your strength.

Blessing dear friends, and we will talk again soon!

In Christ always,