Hexed“IN THE MIDST OF A STORM”  happens to be the title to one of the new songs off of the upcoming double CD – “BUILDING BRIDGES” ,  and also a starting point of sorts of how this music ministry got started.

I have always been an avid lover of music and would sing nearly every chance I would get. Life was full of new jobs, raising beautiful kids, writing songs and trying to market them in Nashville Tennessee and looking towards an exciting future dancing with endless possibilities.

I was on my way to a meeting and was running a bit late (which was very normal for me!) and driving faster than what I would normally drive. Moving along a highway that I was well familiar with, unaware that I  had become distracted as I glanced off to my right side. In the next fraction of a second I collided with a tractor trailer truck which had stopped completely in the driving lane. I remember that feeling in my stomach and that one thought – I’m going to hit it and this might be the end and it’s completely out of my control…Everything switched to “slow motion mode” just like in a movie, only this was very real. The impact occurred and as clear as day I remember he feeling of a hand  pressing firmly against my right shoulder, keeping me perfectly in my seat. My wife had convinced me to wear seat belts months prior to this and I also had one on during the accident, but it was the hand that prevented me from moving at all…Glass shattered and floated  in tiny mid air movements and I was aware that the van that I was driving had now lifted off of the ground with the impact. All of this happened within seconds, and then was over. I had a picture of Jesus stuck in the bottom corner of my dashboard, and I remembered how that seemed to move across the dash board as the hand held me in place. I was able to get out of the driver side door, and aside from feeling “shaky” I  was completely unharmed without even a scratch…The police officer, truck driver and tow truck driver seemed shocked that I had come through this with out even a scratch. The tow truck driver explained that the way I had hit the truck, I could have been easily become be-headed, and that he had seen similar accidents and the outcomes involved fatalities. He said to me, “you know, you must have someone from above looking out for you”, shaking his head. If he only knew how true that statement actually was, and how many times that I have thought about that hand on my shoulder, in the midst of a life changing event.

“IN THE MIDST OF A STORM” wasn’t written until a number of years after that event, however that event was a “pivotal moment, a defining moment” that would set my life on a completely different course. I am extremely grateful to have been given a second chance and more time to walk in this lifetime, and a new set of “lenses” to view life and life’s challenges through. Also a new depth of conviction on just how real our Lord God is, and how His sovereignty over all things can provide an unparalleled comfort in the midst of any storm.

ovm 12