I am re-blogging this article again with an updated acoustic audio clip of a shortened version of the song, and also a feature that contains additional insight into that event and after.

Marty Loose and Spirit Revival Worship Ministry

Hexed“IN THE MIDST OF A STORM”  happens to be the title to one of the new songs off of the upcoming double CD – “BUILDING BRIDGES” ,  and also a starting point of sorts of how this music ministry got started.

I have always been an avid lover of music and would sing nearly every chance I would get. Life was full of new jobs, raising beautiful kids, writing songs and trying to market them in Nashville Tennessee and looking towards an exciting future dancing with endless possibilities.

I was on my way to a meeting and was running a bit late (which was very normal for me!) and driving faster than what I would normally drive. Moving along a highway that I was well familiar with, unaware that I  had become distracted as I glanced off to my right side. In the next fraction of a second I collided…

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