How did the concept of “BUILDING BRIDGES” originate…

The name “BUILDING BRIDGES” was not actually the name that I had originally in mind, for the new CD and Recording project. I was driving along a road that I was  frequently on,  and over a period of time I began to take  notice of how this one particular house was being finished. There was lovely stone work being placed as the new outside surface for the exterior of the home. The stone was beautiful with deep shades of grey and almost charcoal. It was a substantial stone project  with large piles throughout the front and side of the property. Each week saw the stone work more noticeable and after many months the house was nearly finished and looked amazing, now complete with a surface that would last for a very, very long time. Towards the end of seeing this work progress over many months a thought seemed to come to me and resonate in my head about this construction. This gentleman who worked so hard at this project had created something to be certainly proud of and created through his hard efforts a work that would be visible for many generations to come.

What if that same type of building was done in a spiritual way that had “everlasting” benefits and would never cease to be. That very thought is what directly led me to “BUILDING BRIDGES”. Songs that would be used to to do just that – build bridges from one side to another. Create a musical medium that bridges different cultures and landmasses and backgrounds to cultivate and connect others to HIM, in a forever lasting way. To build something that has eternal significance and will never fade or weather away. I give HIM all of the Honor and the Glory for this great privilege, and am excited beyond description to see how God uses this to change lives forever. Amen


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