In The Garden


“I come to the garden alone” Penned by Charles A. Miles in 1913 is such an incredibly special song. It describes in melodic detail how accessible God is, and how very much HE welcomes spending time with us. I was playing music yesterday and singing, and as I finished with some songs that I was singing to HIM, those words came and fell ever so softly and sweetly on to me ~ “And HE walks with me, and HE talks with me”. Ever so sweetly HE reminds us that we are never truly alone, and that HE IS with us always. The thought of such an unfathomable God, loving us so very deeply, and openly inviting us to spend time with HIM, we simply cannot fully understand. We have HIS ear every time we ask in prayer, or openly are seeking HIM. There are no lines and no waiting list, just an unfathomable God who has created us to be with and worship HIM. Don’t ever think for even one moment that HE is too busy, or why would HE ever talk with me, because my friend I can tell you truthfully and from my heart that HE welcomes you into HIS arms of love.
Be blessed…

Picture courtesy of Creative Commons
In The Garden Written by Charles A. Miles Public Domain Performed by Marty Loose