“MORNING LIGHT” One of the new songs to be recorded eventually, performed here live at our radio studio Feb. 2014

Morning sunlight filtering through the gum trees

“MORNING LIGHT” is a new song that will be featured on the up and coming “BUILDING BRIDGES” double CD recording project. This song is co-written by Carol Tranquillo, and was inspired and created in September of 2013.

Good morning Mighty, Wondrous King, You are my awesome everything, You are all I ever need, all I ever need, You Are.

Each new day presents itself not much different than that of a new canvas that we will paint on throughout our new day. Sometimes we start our new day forgetting that the painting of yesterday was for yesterday, and we again load that on to our new canvas. Sometimes we are so stuck in a particular canvas that this is all we really see anymore. The only thing that is forever the same and never unchanging is our Wonderful and Mighty King, our Creator who is never changing, and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. When we have freely handed over to HIM, our lives’ we know that the Master designer of all that is, was and that will ever ever be, openly invites us to be all that HE created us to be. HE desires us to become the full masterpieces that HE intended us to be – since the moment that HE designed and created us wonderfully and in HIS image. Take time today to paint something new on your canvas.