“SWEET FREEDOM” was a song that came to me in two stages. I was given the chorus of the song and the over all melody – almost right away, however the rest of the song came after a few weeks. Whether you know it or not, there IS a very real battle going on behind the “visible” in our lives every moment of every day. This battle truly does belong to our Risen Lord Jesus Christ, without whom we would be no different than wayward sheep being led by cunning stray wolves. In Christ Jesus we have the “SWEET FREEDOM” that I sing about within the song and so very, very much more. Bring to HIM your troubles, your worries, your cares…We ARE to cast upon HIM all the burdensome baggage that is keeping us from being all that we can be in HIM. Once you truly trust in HIM to truly navigate and direct your life, you will soon see that there is really nothing that will be able to hold you back, from being all that HE created you to be. The “behind the scenes enemy of our souls” has no authority to control us or restrict us ~ when JESUS CHRIST is the Lord of our lives. NOTHING could ever keep HIM away from you if you call upon HIS MIGHTY and SAVING NAME. HIS Love for us is not describable in human terms, HE desires to fellowship with each and every one of us all the time. JESUS holds each and every key in the palm of HIS hands to unlock each and every door that we need to walk through in order to reach our destiny, a unique and ever true destiny that each one of us have been given to climb and reach. Spend time with HIM today, and bless HIS Name every chance you can, amen.