Microphone 2

This is a segment from the show recently and I hope that it blesses you. We were briefly discussing miracles and Divine intervention, and I personally have witnessed and seen both many times in my own life. We are blessed beyond comprehension to have a SAVIOR GOD who welcomes us with open arms as we open our hearts up and ask HIM to be with us. We don’t have to look too far before we are acutely aware of GOD’S miraculous and unfathomable Glory. HE IS the miracle giver and keeper of the stars as well as our Father who loves us in a depth we are not capable of understanding. Spend time with HIM, lift up HIS Name, ask HIM to guide your steps and lead you into the destiny HE has set before each and everyone of us, designed for us before we were ever born. Ask the HOLY SPIRIT to dwell deeper within you , as you allow HIM more of your inner self. TRUST in the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS, you will never ever be let down. Amen.
All Glory and Honor to You Lord Jesus.