“IRISH SUMMER” written by Martin S. Loose


This is something that I produced for school – helping to celebrate the uniqueness of
that – which is, “Irish Summer”. Hope that it blesses you!

Written by Martin S. Loose – 8th of July, 2014
Timeless castles to brooding forests, sandy cove treasures, alluringly clear green waters. Festivals with music that dance through the night, hiking and exploring ancient places that whisper to you – if you’re listening. Timeless and plentiful memories are yours for the taking.
Irish Summer a time like no other, when days are sun filled and long, with the coolness of a breeze that still dances with you. The skies still true to their stormy nature, but for a time, held at bay still beckoning to pour open. The Irish Summer for a moment, has been given right of way, a blessed open passage to illuminate the allure of the magical quality that is our home. A timeless refuge that shares with a willing heart, the secrets that timelessly dance with each new generation.
Irish summer, a time like no other.

Beautiful image is the Cliffs of Moher, county Clare Ireland – from creative commons all right reserved. Irish Mythen – Summertime / Irish Summertime by TurnHere Films / Irish Fiddle Tune “The 99 March” performed by Randal Bays & Tony McManus / Summer Love by One Direction / (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) to each of these artists.