This morning during a church service I was reminded of something that I felt inspired to share here, and let GOD use these words upon each heart that reads them and bring that inspiration home to their hearts as well.

We have been handcrafted individually by the CREATOR of all that there is, ever was and all that is to ever be. HE crafted each one of us to live forever, and part of that journey is of course, our time that we spend here on earth. Some of us get so very little time here, while others are offered a much longer time parked at this junction. Either way, our time here is literally like a breath to GOD the AUTHOR of ALL Life and of ALL Majestic things. If we pause for a moment and empty our lungs of most of the present air, and then slowly take a very, very deep breath – holding for a few seconds and then slowly releasing, we are instantly aware of a feeling of fullness and wellness. I believe that within that exercise, is how The CREATOR of ALL the Universe intended for us to live. Each one of us is capable of filling our lungs with a different amount of air, but each one of us are able to still fill our lungs to a maximum point, each of us feeling a sense of fullness exceeding the normal shallow amounts that we breath constantly. If we are but a breath in this chapter of our eternal existence, should we not aim for a breath of maximum fulfilment and one that uses all of our capacity to fill us full –¬†of all that HE gave usto pull in, hold and release back out again.

Let us join together as One Voice, as Christians everywhere and unite and “Breath in” – growing in unity, love and understanding of who we are in CHRIST JESUS, and what we are capable of accomplishing in CHRIST JESUS. Let us then reflect on this unfathomable gift of life that we have each been given for a purpose and a season. “Holding that breath”And then “Releasing that breath” – flood the earth with all that we have been gifted and given, pouring out upon others as we have been given to freely breath in, and now it is for us to breath back out – to give back, to unselfishly release the Christ within each one of us – to pour in love out amongst all others, amen.

We have been made by THE MASTER OF ALL CREATION to share in eternity with HIM – forever. We have been given such a unique chapter to be featured within , in this very distinctive moment and time that each of us are to play apart in, fulfilling a part of our eternal journey. We are but a breath here to our Eternal CREATOR, but we have been given the ability, and choice to choose what type of breath we imprint as… Let’s make it a BIG BREATH – amen.

Exciting times are ahead of us, as WE WILL SEE the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD ALMIGHTY being poured out in such great measure in order for all of the world to have heard the GREATEST NEWS THAT HAS EVER BEEN BROADCASTED, SHARED, EXPERIENCED, DEMONSTRATED, OR TOLD.

Be Blessed my friends, and we will talk again soon!