“Waiting on GOD’S timing” by Marty Loose



Recently I have been reminded with the sheer number or amount of times that we are called on to simply “wait on HIS timing”. It’s not easy, and you do find yourself examining the situation and even re-evaluating the situation to try and somehow draw the timing to a sooner completion.

In my life I have been blessed with past experiences where GOD allowed me to “run ahead” of HIS plans, or even shape the plan into a Marty plan, not a GOD plan. I say that HE blessed me with allowing me to experience this, so that I would come to an understanding “first hand” how different those plans turn out!  Our plans and timing crafted by our human ability and our sense of  timing, ARE NOTHING compared with GOD’S PERFECT PLANS IMPLEMENTED WITH HIS PERFECT TIMING.

HE is NEVER late, HE is NEVER early, HE is simply ALWAYS on time, and as we await HIS PERFECT TIMING, we are reminded of how worth it – it is to wait, and receive the fullness of HIS plan, and not just a remnant of it, because we gave in to our impatience. We can think back on other times in our lives’ when we were called to “be still” and wait on HIM to work, and then how the impossible became possible. TRUST IN HIM WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING…. We could never, ever possibly by just our own understanding, accomplish the plans and purpose that GOD has gifted to us within our lives.

We have such a tiny view from our vantage point, and such a limited capacity to explore the infinite resources that GOD HAS AT HIS DISPOSAL at ALL TIMES. HE HAS THE GOD VIEW, and has the ability to work ALL THINGS TOGETHER for the good  for those who love HIM. HE is not limited in any way by anything that would prevent HIS plans and purposes to become fulfilled. HE IS unfathomable and infinitely more able to do the miraculous than we could ever begin to conceive or understand.

So at this moment I take pause and I ask – FATHER, in JESUS’ Name – thank YOU for Loving me with a depth that cannot be measured, and the gift of this moment in time where I can say – thank YOU for never ever giving up on me, and helping me to have the patience to wait on YOUR EVER PERFECT TIMING, PLANS AND WAY.  We Love YOU and give YOU ALL THE HONOR AND PRAISE forever and ever, amen.

Exciting times are coming my friends, and we WILL SEE HIS HAND MOVE like never before as HIS TRUTH goes out to each and every part of this world, for each and every person to hear and offered a place with GOD forever as JESUS lives in our hearts. Miracles, signs and wonders will accompany this movement, for this will be a massive movement, the last one before JESUS comes for HIS church.