The world that we reside in today, is a world full of much and many things that mask themselves as harmless or fine by worldly standards, but not by God’s standards. Even though most times unwittingly, It is impossible to not become a slave to, or hooked on, mesmerized by, or in bondage of something. Why would the enemy of our souls want us anywhere else?!

Committing ourselves to the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST and the Living DIRECTION of THE HOLY SPIRIT who has been given to us, is the ONLY KEY that unlocks those doors, giving us our freedom back – once again.

See, it’s not that we as followers of JESUS don’t still encounter all the same pitfalls, it’s just that we have been given that SAVING GRACE NAME, the NAME THAT IS ABOVE EACH AND EVERY NAME, – JESUS.

The Name of JESUS is the ultimate weapon against all, each and every trick, snare and charade that has been ever so carefully laid, so purposely placed in our direct pathways. Without THAT NAME, without HIS ATONING BLOOD  SACRIFICE AT THE CROSS, we would be lost without hope, and would be free game continuously, for the wolves to devour at their leisure..

HE IS TRULY THE KING FROM HEAVEN, TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD, BEGOTTEN NOT MADE. Who set aside all of HIS GLORY and SPLENDOR for a time, so that HE could come down and live among HIS Creation, be tested and tempted in every way, completely spotless and without blame or sin, and ultimately be tortured, despised spit on and nailed to a cross. HE IS THE SON OF GOD, THE LAMB OF GOD, who has made a way for us to navigate these shark infested waters of this world, and live with HIM in eternity for ever, amen. Believe in HIM  more than ever before, ask HIM to make HIMSELF more real to you than ever before, and LIVE FOR HIM more than ever before..

The NAME THAT IS TRULY ABOVE each and every name. The Name that is our lifeline, and our ultimate weapon against each and every struggle known to mankind, that never ever lets us down or is too busy to save.



GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, everything about HIM and HIS Nature are so TRULY unfathomable , including HIS patience AND HIS eventual wrath / judgment…

The day IS TRULY fast approaching, when we will bear witness to the full, complete and utter rapture of the church – the body of believers that LOVE HIM and are sealed and saved, will be arriving HOME, and the others left here, will see a time that words cannot fully describe.. ASK JESUS  INTO YOUR HEART TODAY, RIGHT NOW, If you haven’t done so yet! If your reading this and are wondering when should I do this, * right now IS THE APPOINTED TIME, amen… Ask HIM to come and live in your heart right now this very moment, to forgive and to save you. Admit to HIM that you have done so many things that are wrong, but you now CHOOSE HIM, and HIS ways to flood your very heart, life and soul, and you submit ALL AUTHORITY OVER YOU, AND YOUR LIFE  –  TO HIM… And you now PLEDGE TO SERVE HIM AND LIVE FOR HIM, amen.


“Go and tell my people that I am coming soon. Go and tell them my son, that I AM COMING SOON, and I am coming for their hearts, and they MUST BE READY.” That was spoken to my heart over a year ago… Look at the world, and tell me what you see…?

BE BLESSED my dear friends, love and be kind to everyone you meet, and ALWAYS remember to rejoice – because WE BELONG TO KING JESUS and are SERVANTS OF THE MOST HIGH, amen..

Arrangement and Melody by Martin S. Loose – inspired by The HOLY SPIRIT.


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