Hi friends, I felt led to share this again. Have an amazing week filled with all of the very best that HE has in store for you and your loved ones, amen.

Marty Loose and Spirit Revival Worship Ministry


The world that we reside in today, is a world full of much and many things that mask themselves as harmless or fine by worldly standards, but not by God’s standards. Even though most times unwittingly, It is impossible to not become a slave to, or hooked on, mesmerized by, or in bondage of something. Why would the enemy of our souls want us anywhere else?!

Committing ourselves to the Lordship of JESUS CHRIST and the Living DIRECTION of THE HOLY SPIRIT who has been given to us, is the ONLY KEY that unlocks those doors, giving us our freedom back – once again.

See, it’s not that we as followers of JESUS don’t still encounter all the same pitfalls, it’s just that we have been given that SAVING GRACE NAME, the NAME THAT IS ABOVE EACH AND EVERY NAME, – JESUS.

The Name of JESUSis the ultimate weapon against…

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