THIS IS GOING TO SHAKE Written by Martin S. Loose July 17, 2017 Completely inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We’re taking back   lost  territory

We’re taking back    lost lives  the whole sea

We’re taking back each and  everything

That the enemy  has stolen from you and from me


The trumpet horn has sounded   it has begun

Never will we yield   no not even one

It has begun and it will not stop here

This is going to shake   this is going to shake

This is going to shake   from the earth to the atmosphere


JESUS is coming HIS Glory Divine

Not one lover of CHRIST gets left behind

GOD Glorious Almighty   The King has spoken

Each and every chain has got to be broken   amen.




Blessings friends, HE’S COMING SOON and we have to be ready! Be kind, ask JESUS to help you reflect HIM in all that you do, and for opportunity to share with someone, how HE has changed your life and how HE could change theirs, amen..