Written by Martin S. Loose 2-1-2018

 Inspired by The Holy Spirit

When the day has come    and your last breath is gone

Don’t you want to know    that heaven is your home

With   Jesus

Good works aren’t enough    no not one thing can we do

It’s only by His Love     it’s only by His Grace    Jesus

So right now we bow    Exalt You our King

Live in our hearts   forever    and forever  we sing

Jesus   Savior   Rescuer of our soul – (oh how You Love)

Jesus   Savior   God in full control – (above all things)


You can be free right now, in this moment in time and right where you are.

Right now is the appointed time for you, all roads have led you to this moment in time. God is drawing your heart to His – take the most important step of your life and receive the most important gift, that you ever could receive, amen. The free gift of salvation paid for in full, by the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ, who gave it all, so that we may live and have everlasting life. Everlasting life in God’s Holy presence and Glory.

Dear Jesus please forgive me for each and every bad thing that I have ever done. I acknowledge that I am a sinner and only through the work at the cross and the atoning Blood shed for me, am I able to be saved and set free, amen.  I renounce all evil and renounce my old ways. I freely ask You Jesus to fill me with Your ways, and baptize me with The Holy Spirit, so that I may walk in Your ways and understand Your Holy Words and Truth.  I surrender all to you, my Lord and my God. I will trust in You all the days of my life and I believe that You are the Christ, Gods only Son. I believe that You came down from heaven, setting aside Your Glory, to live among Your creation. You lived a sinless life, revealing God to a lost and dying world. You freely gave Your life up as a sacrifice shedding your Holy Sinless Blood to pay a sin pardon for all mankind. You died and rose again, conquering death forever.  Lord, rule over all that I am, and allow me to become each and everything that You created me to be, living out my Divine destiny chosen for me, by You, before I was ever born. Thank You Dear Jesus for saving me.

I believe that I receive this!

I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus, and I now belong to the Most High King, and my name has been written in the Lambs book of life.  I have citizenship in heaven and assurance that I am now saved, amen.



Blessings dear friends, we’ll talk again soon!

Yours in Christ,