All of us have been through storms, are going through storms and will have to tread through future storms. Not just weather storms, but much more importantly, “life storms”. These storms can seemingly come out of nowhere, and then all of a sudden your in it. Some times, our Lord God Almighty allows you to whether the storm, face it and go through it. Other times, He may simply and abruptly ever so miraculously,  deliver you from the storm. One thing is certain and is as real as the air that we collectively breathe, HE IS ALWAYS WITH you, amen. HIS Hand is upon your shoulder and HE is walking with you into, during and out of, each and every storm that we will ever face, during this lifetime, amen.

TRUST HIM and in HIS Ways, that are so much higher than our ways, that all and each one of these storms ever to be faced in this lifetime, are all limited and controlled ultimately by Him.

Why must we be exposed to storms in the first place? Because in our weakness HE IS MADE STRONG. We immediately come to realize that our own power or strength is not enough, but that we need DIVINE Power, that infinite power, Hope, Healing, Deliverance, Steadfastness and Peace that ONLY ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH HIM.  (God doesn’t make bad things come into your life), the enemy of our soul does. God does however, decide how, when, why and if we will go through and have to whether these storms and for how long. If you find yourself in a storm be assured that it’s not by chance or accident, but that there is a reason why you are there. At times there seems no logical reason why we must endure and face a particular storm, but it still doesn’t change the fact that we are in it. So now what do we do? WE TRUST AND RELY ON GOD TO SEE US THROUGH.  A clear understanding of why we have to face a storm, pales in comparison to, KNOWING THAT OUR GOD IS UNCHANGING AND HE WILL SEE US THROUGH EACH AND EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL, amen.  KNOWING THAT OUR GODS PLANS ARE ABSOLUTELY AND ULTIMATELY THE BEST FOR EACH ONE OF OUR LIVES, even when we can’t see that. KNOWING THAT HE WILL ALWAYS BE AT WORK FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE HIM AND WHO HAVE BEEN CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PLANS AND PURPOSE, GODS LOVE WILL NEVER EVER FAIL US.

By trusting and relying  fully on HIM and on HIM alone, we will AT THIS POINT NOW be able to, so clearly and vibrantly see,  how miraculous our GOD IS, as will others, amen. We will draw closer to HIM and come to realize just how much we need HIM and how AWESOME IN POWER HE REALLY IS. We WILL SEE how HIS GRACE IS ALWAYS Sufficient, in each and every situation that we could ever face in this lifetime. We WILL get to experience a greater depth of HIS LOVE and CARING.  We WILL ACTIVELY experience – the loving, caring, strong and steady Hand that IS HIS, and develop a real and lasting assurance that, HIS HAND rests upon our shoulders each and every time, amen.

Be blessed friends, we’ll talk again soon,

Love in Christ always,