Written by Martin S. Loose Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

All of me, take all of me and all I am, and all I ever will be..

Fill me up, fill me up and then pour me out for You..

JESUS, a little of You could never, ever be enough, for our spirits crave more and more of You, amen. In order to have more of You, we need less of us, no not our essence, not what makes us who we are, but unnecessary things that have cluttered onto us. Worldly things, worldly attitudes and seeing things through human lenses, and caving and bending to worldly pressures. This clutter weighs us down, and takes up unnecessary space, some of this clutter has absolutely been thrown in our direction, by the enemy of our souls. We all have it, and Jesus welcomes us openly and continuously to drop this clutter, and stop carrying all this extra weight around. Fill us up dear Lord, with You, amen.


Be blessed dear friends, and we will talk again soon!

In Christ always,



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