REVIVAL is coming!

Yesterday morning during a church service, I felt a very strong presence of the Holy Spirit on me and I was overwhelmed and tears were falling, and just like that I believe that God showed me a vision; There was such a great multitude of people that were so heavily heavily burdened and downtrodden and all were pretty much in a position on their knees with their faces and arms to the ground. It was clear that they were nearly hopeless and that the enemy had pushed and pushed to put them into that place, into that position and into that mindset. Then I saw Jesus from behind, so much larger than all of that, take the corners that represented the length of the whole area where the downtrodden Christians and other people were – He took it and lifted the whole thing up and no different than like a wave, He pulled it up by the whole length of the one side – the side that was before Him, lifted way up – and folded and pushed it forward back over itself, so that it would be like a giant wave going forth, turning all the plans and schemes of the enemy on its head – while loosing and freeing those that have previously been impoverished, sickly, downtrodden and imprisoned. Like a mighty wave going forth – unstoppable until it was completely finished. *** I believe that God showed me a vision that He is ready to flip the tables and have Revival move forward in an undeniable, unshakable and unstoppable way, for by HIS Hands HE IS going to set this into motion and just like HIS holy word, it will not stop until it achieves the full purpose in which it was sent to accomplish. Get ready church, IT’S COMING.Humble yourselves before the Lord, ask Him into your heart and life deeper then ever before, and pray steadfastly for REVIVAL, amen. Be kind to each other and practice love and forgiveness in each and every situation that you face and encounter during your days.All Glory, All Honor to our Lord and Savior King Jesus, amen..Today is the day that the Lord has made, I shall rejoice and be glad in it!

Blessings dear friends, and be encouraged, and we will talk again soon.

In Christ always,