James 5:13-16 ~ the prayer of faith.

This I used and it worked firsthand on me.
• During the time that I had covid-19, I had also developed bacterial pneumonia. I was coughing so hard and so often that I believe that several of my ribs on my right hand side became out of alignment. I believe that they were like this, because this happened to me before and it was extremely painful and took a number of visits to a chiropractor and time to heal.
• I did not have either of those at my disposal and the pain was so severe and so frequent that I just cried out to the Lord for help – I needed deliverance from this situation.
• Then, praise be to our Lord God Jesus Christ our dear Father and the dear Holy Spirit for reminding me about that scripture found in James. A Pastor friend had given this to me a short time before this, and had said to me how he always stood on this and it always worked for him in the past.
• I asked forgiveness for all of my sins. I then asked that Saoirse our daughter and my mom to ask forgiveness for their sins and anoint me with oil and pray over me – We then read and stood on that scripture. My wife was in the hospital with her covid-19 at the time .
• I asked the Lord in Faith and for His Name’s sake, because our God cannot lie and His Holy Word is perfect truth, to help me with this situation and He did and He did it fully and instantly, and that pain was completely removed from me and did not return.
• Our God is Conqueror King and so very merciful and full of love beyond our ability to comprehend.
• Thank you dear Lord Jesus Christ for the truth in Your Holy Word, for Your Holy Word truly is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path, amen. Psalm119:105

Blessings in Christ Jesus always,


December in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania 2020
December in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania 2020